Lets Hear it for Serendipity!

Some of the best things that have happened to me throughout my life weren’t planned but were instead serendipitous. Whether it was the way I met my other half, got my first teaching job or read a life-changing article – they all happened by happy chance.

WordPress is no exception! I’ve been a would-be writer most of my life but have always been terrible at finishing anything. If the task was to complete a tax return or hand in an assignment at Uni, that was different because a deadline was involved. But if it was just for my own amusement then something ‘more important’ like cooking a meal, housework or the daily grind took first place and the project always got filed away.

Then a few weeks ago I got back in touch with an American cousin who happens to have a blog on here. One of her articles spurred me to leave a reply and afterwards I saw the words ‘Start your own blog!’

So here I am finally getting some ‘words up on screen’. I’ve uploaded the first chapter of a children’s story I started in 1991 (!) and even responded to the freshly squeezed challenge – all within about 24 hours. So Serendipity, you are always welcome here!

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