Rhyming Challenge

Some years ago, someone challenged me to write a verse that rhymed with orange – a word considered unrhymable. My response was:

This obsession with fruit is quite rare
And you’re taking the pith – that’s unfair
In exchange for a florin, jus’
Give us yer oranges
Then I might show you my pear

Note: Florin was a pre-decimal coin worth 10p in today’s money

I thought it might be fun to set a regular challenge for like-minded readers. You are equally more than welcome to challenge me with any English word or name you like. I cannot resist a word challenge!

So my first challenge for you is: write a verse that rhymes the word “silver”

Is it just me?

As an occasional BBC Radio 4 listener, I often hear them taking about the next edition of the documentary programme ‘Crossing Continents’. Am I the only listener who then imagines a group of angry people who have just wet themselves?

Is it time for a change in our attitude to food?

Given the current furore over horsemeat found in burgers and ready meals in many of the UK’s supermarkets, I’m wondering if it’s time to rethink our attitude to food. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong in eating horsemeat (so long as it is free from drugs) and in fact it is eaten in many countries in the world.

However, what this scandal should have taught us is that you get what you pay for. If you want something cheap and convenient and without the need for preparation, Continue reading

Lets Hear it for Serendipity!

Some of the best things that have happened to me throughout my life weren’t planned but were instead serendipitous. Whether it was the way I met my other half, got my first teaching job or read a life-changing article – they all happened by happy chance.

WordPress is no exception! I’ve been a would-be writer most of my life but have always been terrible at finishing anything. If the task was to complete a tax return or hand in an assignment at Uni, that was different because a deadline was involved. But if it was just for my own amusement then something ‘more important’ like cooking a meal, housework or the daily grind took first place and the project always got filed away.

Then a few weeks ago I got back in touch with an American cousin who happens to have a blog on here. One of her articles spurred me to leave a reply and afterwards I saw the words ‘Start your own blog!’

So here I am finally getting some ‘words up on screen’. I’ve uploaded the first chapter of a children’s story I started in 1991 (!) and even responded to the freshly squeezed challenge – all within about 24 hours. So Serendipity, you are always welcome here!